Our 8 Travel Resolutions for 2016

What’s your 2016 new year’s resolution? Do you have any or do you not care and think that resolutions are just there to be remembered a week after January 1st, max! What we think would be a great resolution for 2016, is a list of new places to travel next. Congratulations to those that have made 2015 a fruitful year, in terms of places to visit. But if you hadn’t been out traveling much in 2015 (or you’ve only gone to Bali for the last five summers!) we give you some ideas of places you can consider for your next vacation:

1. Sumba, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

The terrain on Sumba is quite different to its neighbouring islands; undulating hills replace the typical volcanic terrain in Indonesia with many areas in the North and East of the island resembling dry savannahs, whilst central highlands are covered in native alang alang grass and the mountains in the South extend down into lush tropical vegetation.

The World Wildlife Fund categorized Sumba as a deciduous forest eco region for its special flora and fauna. Sumba’s isolation has helped preserve one of Indonesia’s most fascinating cultures, particularly in its more remote western half, which is home to about two-thirds of the island’s 400,000 people. It is home to stone-age traditional villages, beautiful hills, and pristine beaches. Splurge recommendation: Nihiwatu Resort, the one and only luxury eco-resort in the area with dramatic views and access to the best waves for surfers.

2. George Town, Malaysia


The capital and largest city of the state of Penang, Malaysia, George Town is full with very well-preserved historical building and colonial style architecture, making the city listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Here, Chinese, Indian and Malaysian culture blends seamlessly creating a fantastic cultural experience. Although Georgetown’s landscape is dominated by Chinese storefronts, there are also trendy shopping complexes, refurbished Chinese manors, rowdy pubs and artsy boutiques, cafés and studios. Last but not least, it is also known as the food heaven of Malaysia, with popular street food like Penang Kwey Teow making it one of the most famous Malaysian import.

3. Pulau Weh, Indonesia

pulau weh

A beautiful little island located north of Banda Aceh with magnificent beaches and underwater that offers good diving and snorkeling activities. Most popular beach is Gapang and Iboih, about 20km north of Sabang. Although most travelers opt to go to Pulau Rubiah, located 100m offshore, which is a densely forested island 100 m offshore that is surrounded by spectacular coral reefs known as the Sea Garden.

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