Otherworldly Scary Feasts at Cafe One, Park Lane

Ready for a one of a kind Halloween experience? We recently had a sneak peak in what we think one of the craziest and most bizarre halloween dinner you could possibly find in the city; For this year’s Halloween, Park Lane’s Cafe One is going to offer a spread of Halloween-themed buffet that will get you shrieking with fear and excitement.



Chef Deden Gumilar, Park Lane’s executive chef, totally went out with this year’s spread at Cafe One. Don’t come running out when you see a full sized coffin with full size ‘corpse’ inside. But don’t worry, it’s nothing illegal inside; the corpse’s black hair is made of angel hair pasta with squid ink and parmesan cheese, the  burning face consists of baked beef kofta coated mozzarella cheese, shaped in the form of a human skull, also visible is the ribs, made out of slow cooked BBQ Australian Ribs!


It doesn’t end there; brace yourself for the colons! which is actually roasted beef and lamb sausages coated in chili sauce. Exploding from inside is 8 hours low heat cooking Australian Beef Brisket. Going and out of the ‘corpse’ is Spaghetti with Napolitano sauce.

The corpse itself is laid on a bed of fried rice, sprinkled with edible insects that chef Deden personally looks and source for. All diners in Cafe One during the Halloween dinner will be served with Hulk’s Eye Mocktail Green tea, apple syrup, peppermint syrup and raspberry jam.


if you still have the ‘guts’ (pun intended!) for desserts, Chef Deden will prepare an Edible Graveyard that definitely will spook the hell out of any scaredycats, although it is built out of delicious stuff: the skull  is made out of white Chocolate, the bones from bread, the eyes from white Chocolate Praline served with Jelly, the soil from English Cake crumbs, and the Gravestone  from English Cake with Chocolate Slab), and lastly, what is a dirt without real looking Worms, made out of Jelly.


If you want a more fine dining kind of dinner, although still with a touch of scary things: Riva also has a 5 set Halloween Parade menu starting with Smokin Froggy Leg, of Stuffed Chinese bread with char siu chopped meat, Witch’s Chicken liver pate with chicken feet – dead man’s eye, Spinach salad and raspberry comfit – gelatin worm,  Whole Quail cream soup Drying ginger hair – thinly shred “nori” , Screaming Monster with baked potato topped sour cream and vegetables – whole tomato Green pea and pure, sautéed mushroom and last, Failure Surgery with Brain shaped pannacotta , chocolate bone marrow, Finger cookies and raspberry compote.

Curious? Head down to Riva this weekend for a sure unprecedented halloween dining surprise. We have to warn you though, this is nothing for the squeamish!


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