Oktoberfest 2015 at Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta

As the most experienced host to one of the largest festival in the world, Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta held the annual Oktoberfest 2015 at 17 and 18 September 2015 at The Ballroom “Festzelt” from 7PM til the dawn breaks! This year is the 182nd Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria, and the 27th Oktoberfest at Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta.

The guests were serves authentic food specially imported from Germany like Goulash Soup, Pork Knuckle, the Weisswurst, Bretzn, Bavarian Sweets, and of course, the Beer as the main attention! During the Oktoberfest, endless flow of Cold Beer was served. The Garmisch-Partenkirchen Musikanten, a 10-piece band flown directly from Germany entertained the crowd with cheerful German folk songs and some crowd favourites all through the night.

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