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With the holiday season high upon us, many of you must have planned your ideal dream holidays with your loved ones, and the idea of recommending you two beautiful destinations in Europe would be useless, because you already have your schedule figured out. But hold your breath, as these two communities (yes, we like to call these two cities more of a community, you’ll get our point) that we are recommending are beautiful for whatever’s the season. Come for nature, come for culture, come for freedom and experience Europe off-the-beaten path……….


The world’s northernmost of a sovereign state is definitely one of greatest world wonders. With only 200.000 people occupying the main city central, the city is a vast wilderness of beauty and natural phenomena. Surrounded by lush mountains (Akrafjall and Esja) and lavish colourful rooftops line that make Reykjavik a must-visit city in northern Europe, this city is not only home to many fantastic musicians like Bjork and Sigur Ros but also home to grand festivals such as The Iceland Airwaves and its fantastic line-ups of laid-back music that suits amazingly well with the nuance of the city. One more thing that we favour most about Reykjavik is that you can expect no traffic congestion and no pollution.

The first thing you will most likely like about the city is of course the amazing views of its natural wonders, the backdrop of luscious mountains and since that the city is located just by the seaside, you can enjoy the city by boat tour that travels daily from Sundahofn and you get to choose if you only want the sightseeing tour or perhaps to catch some fish out in the open sea with prices ranging from 25 Euros to 120 Euros (Reykjavik By Boat – Erlingsson Naturreisen : Tjarnagata 4 101, +354 551 9700).

The National Museum of Iceland has the most extensive cultural history of Iceland, from the landings of the Nordic people to early settlements and even some rare photographs and prints of the olden days. The museum itself stood at a busy crossroad at the city’s main district (National Museum of Iceland – Suðurgata 41, 101, +354 530 2200). And if you feel like you’re up for some nightlife wonders, the city has over 100 bars at Laugavegur area where the city’s main shopping area and the Icelandic Phallogical Museum is also located.

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Christiania (Denmark)

Also known as fristaden Chritiania (Freetown Christiania), this city is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood covering 34 hectares in the borough of Christianshavn in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. Ever since the mission statement to make Christiania as a free town in 1971, the area slowly grow as a free community where marijuana and even hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and hash are tolerated which help spark the expansion of hippies community and is rapidly evolving to be a sovereign state of its own due their own law and of course, their own way of lives. Although that the state only holds about 850 residents, Christiania is now closed to new residents but is open to visitors.

The idea of Freetown Christiania indulge me not only because of the free drug trade and its fantastic view on art and idealism, but the area is also home to some of the coolest spots in the world like Christiania Jazzclub, Mælkevejen that is located right at the main artery of the area, Pusher Street ([email protected]), the uber-cool rock live venue where bands like Spindrift, Earthless and Svin have all played there (Loppen, Sydområdet 4B, +45 32 578 422 [email protected]).

And if you are looking for something to munch on, Morgenstedet (Fabriksområdet 134) is famous for its vegetarian choices and since the place is mostly self-service, the ambiance is very laid-back and really holds the essence of the idea of Freetown itself. And don’t forget to visit the main Pusher Street where you can witness art installations, bazaars and so much more goodies that you can buy here and not everywhere else.


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