What’s Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution? our PR Friends Shared Theirs!

As the year changes, whether you think you can keep it or not, why not give ourselves some mental boost to step up our game? need some inspiration? we ask our friends from Hospitality Industry to share their New Year’s Resolution this year!


Andri Melani – Corporate Marketing Communications Manager, ARTOTEL Indonesia

2018 would be the year for me to celebrate life! You know, to live is one thing, but one is not living the life without learning how to celebrate it!

To celebrate companionship, to celebrate your small or big achievements, or even to celebrate the most upsetting event happened to you because that’s when you learn to be better. #CelebrateLife

Desiree Merlina, Director of Marketing Communications, The Westin Jakarta

My 2018 New Year resolution to eat well by cutting down carbs and sugar! Sugar is no. 1 public enemy when it comes to health. By eating less sugar, we’ll also lower our risk of diabetes and keep our skin looking young and glowing.

desiree merlina
Troy fridatama_thumb

Troy Fridatama, Director of Marketing Communications, Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

2018 has arrived and it is a perfect time to start the new year with new wish and goal. I wish that 2018 will be better and become a wonderful year ahead filled with great achievements balancing personal and professional growth. Among the goals that I have in my list: to stay healthy and to keep up with my exercise time is my ultimate goal this year. Planning a trip with my mother is something I have in mind too. I wish to bring her to another new place and we explore its beauty together. In 2018, Let’s Do Good For No Reason!!

Lira Dachlan, Director of Communications, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

To be more committed with my exercise routine and spend more time with my family.
Try be able to better manage my time to keep my life balance; between working and my personal life.
Try to consume more vegetable instead of meat (as I am otherwise a meat & seafood lover!)
To reduce my tea and coffee intake and to drink more water.

lira dachlan
wike trisnandhini

Wike Trisnandhini, Asst. Director of Marketing & Communications, Gran Melia Jakarta

Be happier and healthier, by: Learning more about Yoga by joining 200 hours teacher training and getting involved in volunteer teaching for yoga, travel more in Indonesia (once every two months!), taking adventure trip abroad by hunting for cheapest ticket offer (hahaha), targeting on some health measurement on BMI, Body Fat, spreading investment for more opportunities, and learning new things to enhance existing hobbies.

Yohanes Hutauruk, Corporate Director of Marketing & Communications, Padma Hotels

1. Travel more, explore some exciting places that I’ve never been before.
2. To settle down, stay in Bali and live there for the rest of my life for a better quality of life.
3. Save more, to spend money on something more important (travelling) 😁
4. Living a healthy lifestyle: eat more healthy food and start doing some (light) sports

yohanes hutauruk
rebecca leppard_small_px

Rebecca Leppard, Director of PR, Hotel Indonesia Kempinksi Jakarta

Moving on! Finding new ventures, new pet projects and to finally forget about diet!

Danang Ambar Kreshno, Marketing & Communications Manager, JHL Solitaire – Gading Serpong

In essence, I want to travel more to places I’ve never been, less stress to make me look younger, staying healthy by keeping up with my hobby: shopping! Always try to make my mom happy so she can always say “I`m proud of my son”. Last but not least achieve to step up my carrier, is the most important thing. Bring it on 2018, I’m more than ready!!

danang ambar kreshno
Pramita Sari

Pramita Sari, Corporate Director of Communications, PARADOR HOTELS & RESORTS

New Year is like a fresh chapter in a book, so I can write or draw whatever I want and how I want it to be. 2018 is the year to enjoy the little things. To me living life to the fullest does not just mean setting big goals like going scuba dive for the first time at Raja Ampat or having an exquisite dinner with family. It also includes learning to enjoy the little things, such as to go out and play Frisbee with my son, arranging beautiful flowers in a vase for dinner time with family, going outside at night to look at the stars, walking barefoot in the grass. That is, I will learn to appreciate life’s simple pleasures, as the author Fanny Fern said “There are no little things. Little things are the hinges of the universe.” Live my best life by celebrating the little things every day.

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