Eating Light, Healthy, and Pretty at NEGEV Gastronomy & Art

For most people, the though of enjoying a hearty and nourishing meal prepared by ‘mama’ at home is nothing more than a beautiful memory. Instead, fast food and processed snacks like chips and munchies, which sometimes can be filling but have low to zero nutritional value, have become the norm for millions of people living in big cities across the globe. With this knowledge firm in mind, the people at Negev Gastronomy and Art have come up with an idea of set menus that are not only delicious, but also healthy too.


Negev’s Chef Dody Jie has come up with four different Light & Healthy Ladies Lunch Menus. Think of it as the perfect meal for an arisan spree that would most appeal to dainty eaters that want their meals to be light and health, although obviously, men are most welcome to try also.

Besides the ingredients used, Chef Dody also pays attention to the way the dish is cooked; where bake, steam, grill, and poach methods are preferred, and also the portion size, which he keeps to the minimal, so diners can try more, without overeating.

We tried one of the set menu options, complete with a cute menu to list the four course items; broccoli and cheese for appetizer, ‘dark & healthy’ mushroom soup, baked sea bass with mashed sweet potato, and avocado porridge with caramelized tuille and crushed almond.



Not only the food, NEGEV can also make your social gatherings extra special with their table personalized decorating service; your table will be adorned with your preferred style and color scheme, not unlike a proper seated reception table. From rustic, to classic elegant style, it will all be perfect as a backdrop to your group pictures!




For more information and reservations, call +6221 5297 1333 or visit

City Plaza Building (Ground Floor)
Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 42, Jakarta 12780 Indonesia


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