The New “Kusuk Batak” Spa Treatment at Bimasena Spa

SPA INTERIORInspired by Batak, an indigenous tribe of North Sumatra Island and one of the significant tribes in Indonesia, Bimasena Spa launches “Kusuk Batak”, an addition to its existing Indonesian-inspired Spa programs.

The Bataknese community still hold an ancient tradition and really concern with the way they set the tradition strictly. They believe that the highest degree of human’s body part is the head and the right side always better than the left side; therefore “Kusuk Batak” massage must be started from the head and always start from the right.

The 2 hours beneficial Spa treatment is designed to remove dead skin cells, nourish the new skin cells, increase blood pressure and restore the body’s metabolic functions. The Spa rituals include:

  • A 5-minute foot ritual with warm water and lime to refresh the feet.
  • A 10-minute ”Oukup” (body steam) with a herbs potion consists of pandanus leaves, betel leaves, turmeric, ginger, and nutmeg to open the skin pores, remove the toxins and nourish the skin.
  • A 60-minute “Kusuk Batak” body massage with special massage techniques starting from the head then followed by chest, hands and feet. To start this session, a healing therapy will be conducted by the therapist to get rid of the negative auras.
  • A 30-minute body scrub with black sticky rice scrub to clean up dead skin cells.
  • A 15-minute herbal bath with the “Oukup” herbs potion to clean up dead skin cells.

To conclude the treatment, the guests are offered a glass of ginger tea to warm the body and to improve immunity.

Kusuk Batak Spa Treatment is now available at Rp 1,100,000++ per person.

About Bimasena Spa

Bimasena Spa of The Dharmawangsa Jakarta provides a refreshing journey into physical and mental wellness in an environment combining art and greenery with selected natural products, inspired by Indonesia’s rich natural resources. Drawing upon the Javanese philosophy of harmonizing the mind and body, Bimasena Spa focuses on treating both your mental and physical well-being. Through a long list of beauty therapies, massages, hydrotherapy, hair and skincare treatments, the aim is to have you leaving fully restored and rebalanced. Located on the 3rd floor of Bimasena Club at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta, the spa features both Indonesian and contemporary methods.

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