New Food Craze: Korean Style OJJU K-Food

Fans of Korea must already known this new restaurant already, but perhaps not all have a chance to try it yet. Since its opening in 2016, Ojju K-Food has been swarmed with customers who clearly do not mind waiting in long lines to try their spicy-sweet mouthwatering signature dishes. Luckily, we got a special access to the restaurant at Gandaria City! Here is what we think:

Ojju K-Food’s interior is really warm and friendly, dominated by wood texture and yellow lighting that make the food even more appetizing. The services are professional; they are quick and still managed to give you their best smile.

Ojju frontWe were served with three top dishes; Budae Jjgae, Rolling Cheese, and their newest addition, Andong Jjimdak. They will prepare the foods in the kitchen and finish up in your table to give a little bit of entertainment. Since it’s inspired by modern-western influence that happened in Korea around 1950s, most of the menu have a surprising twist; a lot of mozzarella cheese!

Budae Jjigae is a Korean army stew where they combine protein and vegetables with spicy red traditional sauce. Here you have options of beef, chicken, seafood, or go vegetarian with vegetables only with different prices. Some vegetables include enoki, carrot, cabbage, and many more. The dish is completed with ramyun (Korean noodles) and an egg.

OJJU_1_smallAnd then there is the star of the dish; Rolling Cheese. Just like its name, the waiter will help you roll your choice of beef ribs, chicken wings, or chicken drumsticks with abundant of melting cheese. You may want to prepare your camera when this happen! The taste is quite strong on the outside, but get subtle when you reach the middle part of the meats. There is also spiciness level to choose for from mild, to fiery spicy. Interestingly, after finishing up your meats, the left over cheese can be used to cook fried rice with additional cost of only IDR 29,000!

OJJU_6Finally, the newcomer, and our favorite, Andong Jjimdak. The traditional food is savory and sweet as they use ganjang sauce, a special Korean soy sauce. That, combined with your choice of meats and topped with delicious melting mozzarella, is just amazing! Decide on your own how much cheese you want, as long as it fits in one scoop.

OJJU_4To finish up, we are served with colorful lemonade pops. They combine a frozen flavorful pops with lemon cut and bubbly soda. Just like the foods, it has such a unique way of serving! But more importantly, the sourness feels refreshing and so perfect after eating all those hot spicy foods.

OJJU_7Ojju K-Food is a fun place that has attracted a lot of the young crowd, for their big portions and affordable prices. You can find this restaurant at Gandaria City, Kota Kasablanka, and soon Grand Indonesia!

Ojju K-Food
Gandaria City Lt UG, M-U21
[email protected]

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