New Drink in Town: ‘San Miguel Cerveza Negra’, The Sensation of Dark Lager Beer

San Miguel has launched its newest lager, The Cerveza Negra, the new dark beer with a distinctive sweet aroma of a bouquet of black malt, served with soft foam, the hallmark of high-quality beer.


San Miguel Cerveza Negra gives a sensation of mysterious caramel and coffee, with a touch of butterscotch. “But certainly give a delicious taste experience unexpected,” said Mr. Jaka Sebastian, Brand Manager of San Miguel Indonesia. It is already available in major cities of Indonesia. Including Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali. Either in bottles, cans, as well as draft beer. San Miguel Cerveza Negra products using imported materials are processed in a special in Indonesia.

San Miguel Cerveza Negra targeting the premium segment, especially for beer drinkers who have the characteristic. Therefore, special for you do not forget to try the San Miguel Cerveza Negra. Do not miss the new sensation of this beer!


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