New Chilean Wines Seek to Conquer Indonesia

Chile’s Trade Office in Jakarta hosted a wine pairing dinner for almost 60 people, including importers, media representatives and sommeliers, to introduce Chilean wine and show how it can pair perfectly with local cuisine.

The event took place in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Jakarta with the hotel’s chef, Gerald Genson in charge of preparing a six course meal to pair with wines from the three Chilean wineries: Casas Patronales, Aresti Winery and Matetic Winery, which are all interested in entering the Indonesian market.


This is the second event that Chile has held in Jakarta this year to continue promoting its food and drink products. The first, in late August, was Flavours of Chile, the name given by Chile’s Export Promotion Bureau, ProChile, to a tool that included meetings between Chilean and Indonesian businesspeople and a trade and investment seminar.


Eduardo Ruiz Asmussen, Ambassador of Chile to Indonesia


Juan Enrique Moya, Director of the Economic Department of Chile in Jakarta

These events form part of the international promotional campaign Foods from Chile, which highlights the multi-faceted qualities of Chilean food products. The campaign highlights use the concept of “origin” to emphasize five characteristics of Chile’s food industry: quality, innocuity, traceability, international guarantee and natural flavour. “We are using this initiative to bring Chilean food products closer to the local cuisine of each of the countries where there are activities relating to Chile and its food products,” explained Juan Enrique Moya, Chile’s Trade and Agricultural Attaché in Jakarta.

Previously overshadowed by wines from the ‘old world’ countries, today Chilean wines has gained more recognition as more care have been given to the industry, and more quality and craftsmanship found in the wineries. We do hope that these wines will make it to the Indoensian market soon, as to give us more options for quality wines.

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