NEGEV Launched New Culinary Signature Menu

Every month, Negev Gastronomy & Art teases us with original culinary creations, created by Chef Dody Jie, the restaurant’s Executive Chef. This month, a range of signature items that are not only pretty to look at, but also delicious will make any night at the restaurant a one of a kind culinary experience.

As always, Negev’s table setting and decor will make your ordinary dinner look like a new year’s or a Jubilee anniversary party. Thanks to its curator and decorator, James de Rave, who spends almost his entire time in Indonesia collecting antiques, knick knacks, and artistic crafts from all over the country, even a small and intimate party will be superbly decorated.

Negev_table setting2

Their new options for course meal with multiple selections of different flavours will have you spoiled for choice.

For starter, I tried the Rolling Stone Pizza; a dainty rolled pizza filled with mushroom, bell pepper, beef pepperoni, Parmesan, mozzarella, tomato sauce, served with chili sauce. It reminds me of the classic pizza-inspired pinwheel sandwich.

negev_new menu_first course

A must try is their Sri Lankan Kottu, a traditional dish where small bits of homemade paratha bread are stir fried and served with bone-in chicken,  and served with fragrant curry gravy.

negev_new menu_second course

After a little bit of kick, chef Dody Jie toned down the flavors with his simple Wagyu Beef Udon, where thick strips of sirloin Wagyu beef are topped on a comforting bed of udon noodles.

negev_new menu_third_course

Before the main course, I was given a ‘break’ of something sweet, lychee rosewater granita, before proceeding to my savory journey to the main coures: the Thai Chili Curry Salmon, a favorite for its tender tasmanian salmon cooked in flavorful yellow curry gravy, served with coconut rice, baby string beans, potato croquette, classic sambal terasi and served with kerupuk udang.

negev_new menu_main_course

Last but not least, I tried not one, but two of Chef Dody’s desserts. The first is the Petite Japanese cheese cake where a collection of six attractive and colorful cheese cake balls are served. Unveiling raspberry, coconut, mango, oreo, and other flavors as you bite into it. Second, and to me, my favorite, is the Chocolate Casatta where a layered tree delight of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry mousse is topped with luscious chocolate glaze and brandy snap. The plate, is then dotted with flavorful and colorful dots.

negev_new menu_dessert2

For more information and reservations, call +6221 5297 1333 or visit

City Plaza Building (Ground Floor)
Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 42, Jakarta 12780 Indonesia

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