Negev Gastronomy & Art Introduces Scrumptious Signature Menu

Every month, Negev Gastronomy & Art teases us with original culinary creations, carefully created by Chef Dody Jie, the restaurant’s Executive Chef. Last month, the theme was light and healthy, and this month, it was time for the restaurant’s signatures to take the limelight.


Negev is known for their artistic and out of the box presentation. A dish that might sound ordinary, will get a special ‘makeover’ so that you will usually be surprised, from appetizer all the way to dessert time.

One that triggered my curiosity is the chef’s ‘Soup in a Bottle’, with a selection of Creamy Broccoli, Creamy Sweet Corn, Creamy Asparagus, and Creamy Italian Tomato. I was served with the creamy sweet corn soup, which was very comforting and soothes the hungry tummy. The soup was served in a cute small bottle, to be poured into a shallow bowl. With it, a fried ‘cheese cigar’ and a thin garlic butter crouton was served.(70k).


For main course, Chef Dody offered two rice dishes with very differenty characteristic. The first one is the chipotle roast baby chicken served with traditional mexican rice, deep fried green chili to give a kick, and some kerupuk udang or prawn crackers. (135k). The second one was fragrant coconut milk infused rice, topped with a medley of mussel, prawn, squid, dory, salmon, and baby tomatoes. Think of it as an asian paella, served with a fiery Indonesian style sambal and pickles on the side. (120k). I tried both and preferred the seafood rice, for its rich coconut rice that went really nice with the sambal.



For dessert, Chef Dody stayed true to Negev’s reputation of creating abstract, yet beautiful, art with food. With splashes of colors that not only pleases the palate, but also the discerning eye.

I was served with what’s called ‘Art of Patron Tequila Cake’ (70k): moist white lava cake, but instead of white filling, was filled with black creamy mix of silver tequilla, criollo chocolate and Mexican Arbol chile, served hot from the oven. On top, a circle of mini merengue was daintily perched to decorate the lava cake. The second dessert experience you can try is the ‘Art of Expression’, (60k) a mix of scrumptious desserts elements, including vanilla ice cream, macaron, marshmallow, chocolate fudge ball, a few cuts of fresh fruit, square chocolate flexi, all sorts of ‘crumbles’ caramel snap, and splashes of sweet things! What a feast!


For more information and reservations, call +6221 5297 1333 or visit

City Plaza Building (Ground Floor)
Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 42, Jakarta 12780 Indonesia

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