Must Try: Keraton at The Plaza’s New Chinese High Tea

Keraton has always been our favorite high tea spot for their many selection of sets; from pretty Indonesian-inspired snacks, the Sawadee High Tea, International,  Nutty to their signature Tutti Fruity. As seem to not satisfied with all that, they always keep upgrading and adding more unique selection to choose from, courtesy of their creative and lively Executive Chef Gennaro Avagnale.

Last November, they invited a guest celebrity baker from Malaysia, Shaun Teo, to lend his creativity and expertise to whip up unique sweets and cakes. This time, to coincide with the Chinese New Year, they have added another selection of high tea: the Chinese High Tea selection.
keraton chinese high tea 3

This new Chinese High Tea is presented in a beautiful white wooden box with three drawers, which we think fits more contents of little canapes for you and your friend, which means bang for your buck!

On the top tier, there’s a couple shots of tapioka pearl in sweet coconuts milk, also known as pacar cina in Indonesian, fried wontons in Thai sauce, moon cakes, and agar pudding on rice. Save for the moon cake, we would think that this tier, is more thai-inspired than Chinese.

keraton chinese high tea

On the second tier, there’s the Indonesian classic of kue mangkok or steamed cupcakes, peanut filled mantaus, and green tea ganache filled praline.

Below that, comes the more ‘heavier’ savory items; roasted duck and pickle rolled inside a thin pancake, mantau burger with beef, and onde onde. 

On the bottom tier, instead of the regular scones (found in all other Keraton’s high tea selection), you will find scones filled with taro and green tea paste, served with sweet coconut cream, instead of the traditional clotted cream.

You can enjoy this limited edition Chinese High Tea from January all the way to March 5th, 2017 for Rp. 298,000++ per set for 2 persons, inclusive of premium tea for two. Isn’t it a real bargain?!

For more information and reservation, call:  021- 50680000

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