Multiple Intelligence Learning at Starisa School Jakarta

Providing a high-quality education to our children from an early age is good for the development of their intelligence. Starisa School Jakarta presents as a school that is ready to provide the best education program for children from an early age to elementary school through Multiple Intelligence learning methods. With this method, it is expected that the child will have a good foundation to be a successful student, confident, and competent.

What is Multiple Intelligence?

It is a Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of eight different intelligences to account for a broader range of human potential in children and adults. These intelligences are:
1. Linguistic intelligence
2. Logical-mathematical intelligence
3. Spatial intelligence
4. Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence
5. Musical intelligence
6. Interpersonal intelligence (self reflection)
7. Intrapersonal intelligence (social experience)
8. Naturalist intelligence
The theory then applied to a learning method in many schools, including Starisa School.

Starisa’s Specialities

starisaStarisa provides classes for Pre-School, Primary, and Before & After School Program. The school has main specialties, such as reading, music, sports, religion, full-day school, and daycare program. For reading, children are exposed to more than 5000 books where they could choose from based on their interest. Guided reading class occurs every day for one hour, followed by writing and English. They are taught to speed read and to understand what they are reading as well.

music room

clasChildren are also able to learn how to play musical instruments, like piano, drum, and guitar in the music classes provided here. Parents can choose between full-day school program or daycare program. For children attending full-day school program, they will go home at 5 pm, and for daycare program, they will go home at 9 pm.

Facilities and Activities


poolStarisa School provides several facilities, such as swimming pool, cafeteria, performing and music room, computer room, tennis court, and jogging track. The school also facilitated with highly educated and certified teachers who fully understand the learning method of Multiple Intelligence. To support that learning method and boost children’s intellectual development, Starisa also holds annual activities for the student. From music performances to entrepreneur events like bazaar which fully participated by all the students.

Starisa School

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