Mr. Urs Klee Trip to Climb Kilimanjaro

One of the top ten most influential GM in Bali  – his passion second to none when it comes to outdoor sport challenges – from Marathon events to mountain climbing. Born in Switzerland, he’s been naturally exposed to mountain life from early age –  After climbing Puncak Jaya (Papua) 18 years ago, he dreamed about hiking the highest mountains on each continent, the 7th Submits.  That led him to an adventurous journey to Africa. For charity purpose, he took the Machane Route to Uhuru Peak (Stella point) 5,895 meters above sea level at the top of the Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa . His dream continued with the Ring of Fire volcanoes of Indonesia, Rinjani, Tambora, Krakatoa and more. On your mark, get set, ready..…go!

GM Nusa dua

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