Moving The Capital

Hello Jakartans!

Have you heard the news on the plan to move the capital to Kalimantan? Well, we think that it’s a brilliant idea! Why, you ask us? Well let’s just put it simply this way, The United States have done it and other countries have done it too. So what are the reasons? Well, if you noticed that Indonesia economy, almost 75 per cent of it comes from Java. With the president plan to build infrastructure in the country (with more than 200 strategic plans) Indonesia is looking forward to a more stable and fair economic advantages for all its islands.

Kalimantan is a perfect decision because it is closest to our current capital and the land contour of the Kalimantan is also proper for heavy constructions, and apart from that, we are sure you know that Kalimantan is a rich energy and mineral source of the country. So far, two cities have been nominated for our capital, Pontianak or Palangkaraya and if the plan do go on nearly 400.000 government officials will move to the new capital when this plan proceeds.

So what about Jakarta? Well don’t worry, the city is already a staple of the country’s economy, and everything is already going well with the booming industry of everything from hospitality to entertainment industry. So rest your laurels, as Jakarta will always be the city we know (only better) taking into accounts the building of Jakarta MRT, LRT and other transportation infrastructure.

Looking forward for brighter future……

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Gibran Sani
Content Director
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