Moving Forward….

Greetings Jakartans!

How was your holiday? Surely you must be feeling a tad buzzing from the holiday and was suddenly taken aback by Jakarta’s traffic? Worry not friends, we’re with you! Granted, the week will be a heavy one, but once you get through the first week after holiday, we’re pretty sure all will be well.

Do you see the news lately? We were giddy with excitement when we learned that the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, accepted our president’s invitation for luncheon at the Bogor Presidential Palace, whilst also enjoying the holiday with his family. We notice that more and more heads of state has been visiting Indonesia and making their acquaintance with our beloved President, the humble Joko Widodo, who, last weekend, enjoyed a cup of Tuku Coffee in Cipete amidst uproar about Starbucks boycott by some religious hardliners after the company’s CEO voice their support for the LGBT movement. But to us, a good cup of coffee has nothing to do with sexual preferences (duh!)

Have a great week ahead..

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Gibran Sani
Content Director
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