Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for The Best Moms Out There!

For the most important women in the world: Mothers, December 22nd is the one day you can not spare to pamper, spoil, and make them feel loved. Be it for your mom, mother of your child, mother-in-laws, grandmas and many more, here are the list of gift ideas you can treat the supermoms in them.

1. Gift them the most classic of all: flowers!

23a5de3899810448dcf27a6286e85396Flowers might be a cliché, though for a reason. It is how us human beings have been conveying our feelings ever since the first human saw beauty in a plant that rose from the ground, and decided to gift to his significant other. Skip the hassle and order a big bouquet today at from these flower delivery services.

2. Treat them to a full day spa retreat.


Check out our list of best spas in Jakarta to gift the best mothers in your life; These spa retreats will surely make any mom feel like a queen for a day. Or, even better, bring the spa to your home with these spa from home massage treatments.

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3. Have a Sunday Brunch in Jakarta’s best buffet restaurants

Whether it’s just the two of you or for the whole family, Sunday brunch is always a fun time to extend breakfast to lunch, and blur it all out into one scrumptious celebration. We won’t judge if you involve some booze too! Check out our list for the best brunches in Jakarta. 

4. Better yet, make it a whole weekend treat with a staycation

Because we are in the festive time, hotels in Jakarta are currently offering interesting deals for family staycations. After long day at the spa, bountiful meal, retreat to a comfy and luxurious room that overlooks Jakarta’s skyline. What could be better?

5. Have a dainty little cup of afternoon tea (plus snacks on the side, of course!)

What started as a British ritual of socializing over snacks and tea, a bridge between meals lunch and supper, the idea of Afternoon Tea or High Tea has been embraced by many around the world. Check out these tea spots in Jakarta to treat your supermoms fora quality tête-à-tête. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to give her a big hug to show your love!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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