Monkey 47 is Coming to Jakarta’s Top Bars

From the enchanting Black Forrest in Germany, the Black Forrest Distillers is bringing the Super Premium Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin straight to your favorite bars in Jakarta and all over Indonesia! The launching party was just held yesterday at Mr. Fox, SCBD.

monkey 47There are many intriguing stories behind the super premium gin Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin. The name, the bottle, the logo, the taste, they are all telling you a story that all started by an ex-Wing Commander from Royal Air Force in 1951.

After leaving the Royal Air Force, Montgomery “Monty” Collins went to the Black Forrest in Germany to help with the rebuilding of the Berlin Zoo. Here, he sponsored a monkey called Max, and then decided to open a country guesthouse after failing in watchmaking. As a British gentleman and a new landlord, Collins had continued a long last tradition, serving a good glass of gins to his customers.

monkey 47 2With the abundant supply of pure spring water, special herbal, and fruits in the Black Forrest, Collin’s interest with Gin were growing fast into a new hobby. The story of the gentleman trails off until many years later, a renovation work at the guesthouse discovered an old wooden box containing a bottle and a letter. The bottle has been labeled and decorated by hand; a sketch of a monkey with the words “Max the Monkey – Schwarzwald Dry Gin”. Yes, it was the original recipe and the label of the present Monkey 47 by Alexander Stein, the founder of the Black Forrest Distillers.

Thanks to its 47 premium ingredients from the forest and extensive distilling operation, Monkey 47 is part of the Super Premium Gin segment. The gin has won many world awards such as World Spirit Award, San Francisco World Spirit Competition, and International Wine and Spirit Award.

Monkey 47 3Monkey 47 is also a great base for classic and eccentric cocktails. The gin contains great floral notes that come from lavender, blossoms of Black Forest Acacias and wild honeysuckle, as well as the blossom of Monarda didyma that imported from North America.

Pricier than many gin variations out there, Monkey 47 is fifteen to twenty percent more expensive. This does not stop many Gin enthusiasts from all over the world to enjoy this premium liqueur. This time, it’s Indonesia’s turn to take a sip of the exquisite Gin.


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