MIMPI : New Affordable Luxurious Mattress in Indonesia


How does one hunt for mattress in Jakarta? Sometimes we forget that a mattress, is where we we spend a majority of our time on. In what other piece of item do we spend 6 to 8 hours on?  (depending on your sleep pattern of course). The hunt for a perfect mattress in Jakarta would mean browsing for the best deals in malls, going through brands after brands, that sometimes could charge up to thousands of dollars. That’s not all, when trying to transport there’s also the added headache of transporting it or storing it when not in use.

Frank De Witte is all too familiar with this experience. However, it got De Witte inspired to create a new brand of an affordable luxury mattress; MIMPI. Last Thursday, MIMPI, meaning dream in Indonesian, launched its first line of product at DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta Diponegoro.

Mimpi_mattressInterestingly, MIMPI cannot be found in any existing store in Indonesia, and only available online. This means the price of the product can be kept low. The production started two years ago in Jakarta, and all materials are created locally, except for the high-quality cover from Belgium.

Yes, MIMPI mattress uses Belgium technology, which results in the perfection of MIMPI’s four layers mattress. Without spring coils, MIMPI mattress is made from latex foam that provides the perfect bounce and keeps you cool at night. It also pressure-reviling and the sinkable memory foam provides perfect support. At the very bottom of the layer, firm-support base foam gives the mattress its ideal firmness. With removable zipper, the cover is stretchable and easy to clean.

Mimpi_mattress_jakartaIt got all four important elements of a mattress; health, comfort, support, temperature, and durability. “We want to bring an ideal mattress that perfectly contours your body and ensures you feel fresh and energized every time you wake up in the morning,” De Witte remarked.

The high-quality mattress has also been tasted by some professional athletes in Belgium and has received terrific feedbacks. It even already got its first award: The Asia Pacific Stevie Award of Excellence in Innovation in Consumer Product & Service Industries.

The innovation does not stop there. Remember the delivery problem? With high-tech compression technology, the king size mattress can be folded into a box no bigger than medium size refrigerator. Imagine how easy it is to transport your MIMPI mattress.

Mimpi_mattress_boxNow if you cannot see and touch it, how can you be convinced? De Witte is so confident with his product that MIMPI offers 100 nights free trial. You can send it back after 100 nights with a full refund if you like to.

The best part is, the mattress is affordable. De Witte wanted to create a mattress that suits everyone in Indonesia, so it must be. With four variants from one to four layers, the price range of MIMPI mattress is IDR 2,800,000 to IDR 11,800,000 depending on mattress type and size. It ranges from single, single xl, queen, king, and super king. There is also a customized option.

Find out about the wonders of MIMPI at mimpi.co.id

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