MesaStila Challenge & Ultra 2015 Gets its Finishers Points for Mont Blanc

Mesa Stila Hotel & Resort for the 5th consecutive year successfully held the MesaStila challenge Ultra in Magelang, Indonesia from 9 to 11 October 2015. The annual off-road race was divided into five categories, the 100k, 65k, 42k, 21k, and the 13k.


The view of Mount Andong, one of the mountains that the trail runners need to run on, from MesaStila Hotel & Resort. 

The 100k and 65 k are the most prestigious and arduous race with runners having to cover  tough terrain including stony and grass railway tracks and railway sidings, with undulating surfaces, loose rocks within a time limit of 32 hours for the 100k, and 18 hours for the 65k.

From MesaStila Hotel & Resort in Grabag Village, Magelang, the trail runners go up and down Mount Andong, the shortest yet the steepest terrain of the race, and Mount Gilipetung to finish back at MesaStila. Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi was initially included in the route but due to the forest fire, the two main mountains had to be skipped and runners were looped to the same track instead.

Out of the 16 participants of the 100k, only 8 finished the race. Arief Wismoyono, winner of last year’s 60k category, won the race in 19 hours 3 minutes and 16 seconds, followed by Dzaki Wardana on 2nd place, with just 34 minutes difference, and Pramonosidi in third place. Mila Marlina was the only 100k participant and finisher, and automatically won the 100k female category. All the 100k winners are of Indonesian nationality and each finisher got 3 out of the 9 necessary points needed to qualify for world’s most prestigious trail run event, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB).


Winners of the 100k category of the MesaStila Challenge & Ultra 2015

On the 65 k category, Celian Baup won the race in 10 hours and 25 minutes, followed by Muhammad Fauzy from Yogyakarta, and Vincent Chalias from France on third place.The race attracted participants from Indonesia, Singapore, the Philipines, UK, France, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, and Canada from various age group.

This year’s marks MesaStila Chalenge Ultra’s inclusion as one of the trail run event in the world that would bestow the participants valid points under ITRA or the International Trail Running Association.

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