Marco’s Chop Shop: Beyond Haircuts

Men’s devotion to grooming has been around just as long as that of their other half; since as far back as the time of the ancient Egypt, over 10,000 years ago, we have not really stopped in perfecting the art of removal, shaving, styling or trimming of the body hair.

Marco_13Fast forward to nearly two decades after the millennia, the world of men’s grooming is at its ultimate stardom. It is now a multi-billion dollar world-wide industry, where not only the service but also plethora of grooming products the likes of beard oils, pomades, and even moisturizers and body washes specially formulated for men, are flooding the market.

No exception to the trend, Jakarta has seen a rise in the number of new wave barbershops popping up in Jakarta in the past three years, catered to not only those looking basic haircuts, but also to the more discerning affluent market.

Marco_1Marco Chop Shop is one that falls into to the second category. This full service barbershop prides itself in providing not the regular run of the mill treatment, but the whole nine yards of grooming a gentleman could possibly ask for.

Inside Marco’s Chop Shop, you will feel the masculine yet cozy and inviting vibe. Exposed building elements are juxtaposed with stylish and subdued light, enticing you to stay longer than you probably should. Services extend beyond haircuts and shaves; but also other treatments like black face mask, nose wax, ear singeing as well as hair coloring.


Marco_3Take the Marco’s Gentleman’s Grooming package, for Example; This 45 minute treatment includes a haircut & wash, Back & face massage and ear singeing. Believe me when I say, it will be the most relaxing fourty five minutes you’ve ever had in a barbershop, pampered like a king by their highly trained barbers. Kids are most welcome to the shop and will even get a toy with every haircut.

Marco’s Chop Shop was first established in 2015 with its first store in Puri Kembangan, West Jakarta. By 2017, they had expanded to four other locations in Mall of Indonesia, Pondok Indah Mall, Puri Indah Mall and Grand Indonesia. The owner of the brand was inspired by barbershops all around the world and wanted to create one in Jakarta that offers a one of a kind experience. The ear singeing service, for instance, where a fire lit taper or wand is brought into contact with the hair to remove stray hairs, has been used for centuries by barbers in Turkey. Nowhere else in Jakarta you can find a treatment this culturally unique.


Marco_11It does not only take excellent service to earn an edge in the hypercompetitive trend for men’s grooming, but it also takes refined character, which can be found at Marco’s Chop Shop. You will see its character up close and personal from how the barbers work their magic, the tools and grooming products used-mostly imported from Europe and USA. All attached with a resonable range of prices, anywhere from about Rp. 100,000 up to Rp. 650,000 or more. Nevertheless, putting a price tag on a man’s sanctuary with exceptional quality, service and sophistication, is almost impossible. It more than just a haircut, it’s an experience.

Marco’s Chop Shop |
Grand Indonesia
|East Mall, LG Level, Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 2358 1332
Hp/ Whatsapp : +62815 1938 9000

Puri Indah Mall
1st floor, Block C no 134.
Phone: (021) 5823317
Hp/ Whatsapp : +6285 88 000 7879

 Puri Kembangan
Jl. Puri Kembangan No.10C, RT.1/RW.8, West Jakarta
Phone: (021) 58352335
Hp/ WhatsApp: +62857 0000 9555

Mall Of Indonesia
1st Floor No G5A.
Phone: (021) 22451630
Hp/ WhatsApp: +62 85 777 46 47 48

Pondok Indah Plaza 6,Ranch Market
Jln Sultan Iskandar muda no 21.
Phone: (021) 7699217
Hp/ WhatsApp: +62 816 176 5555 4
IG: marcoschopshop
FB: marcoschopshop

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