Makerspace at Sinarmas World Academy

Sinarmas_world_Academy1The ES Makers Club at Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) consists of elementary students in grades 3, 4, and 5 who are passionate about circuitry and design. The club was launched this September, with the elementary students constructed their very own pressure plate alarm, using a breadboard, a buzzer, and an integrated circuit. The task was a very challenging one for younger students, but the students showed great aptitude for this sort of project. The students in different grades also showed positive collaboration in this project.

Sinarmas_world_Academy3More recently, the students have been introduced to the Arduino, and have been practicing constructing and programming sets of lights to flash in a specified sequence. The students have also been introduced to Arduino coding, and have been practicing programming specific pins to control different lights. The students will shortly use arduino to develop an automated fish-feeder for the fish in the Koi pond at Sinarmas World Academy.

Sinarmas_world_Academy4Over the course of the year, the club will be introduced to Microbits, and Raspberry Pis, and will eventually collaborate with the middle school Makers Club to create the ultimate Escape room!

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