Little John

Little John is going to his room when he hears moaning coming from his older sister’s room

he opens her door and catches her caressing herself

‘hmm.. aah.. hmm… sheesh I want a maaan’

he quite doesnt know what to think of this and moves on

2 days later same thing happens – he is too scared to open the door

same thing next day and he goes spying once again

‘hmm ooh aaah I want a man so bad’ ..there she is again

the week end comes. parents are away and little John hears a lot of confusing noise in her sister room

something is not right he wants to make sure she is ok

he opens her door and there she is naked with a naked man

little John rushes to his room, takes his Tshirt off lies down and start to stroke his chest

‘hmm ooh ah I want a new bicycle’

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