Let’s Cook in the Jungle with Chef Marinka

MARINKA 1Maria Irene Susanto, best known as a beautiful talented ex judge of MasterChef Indonesia, a successful restaurateur in Jakarta to give an opportunity and watch her demo her favorite recipe called as “Mede crusted chicken with Saffron sauce and mashed peas” to all participants of “Let’s Cook in the Jungle” at Padma Hotel Bandung for 60 minutes on Wednesday, 10th October 2018 from 1 PM to 4 PM. The event itself opens by Djamoespirit who make a traditional Jamu demo which also support by Unilever and Vicenza.

Dewi Novita as Executive Assistant Manager of Padma Hotel Bandung extend that the event not only inviting and segmented to woman but also for all gender categories, nowadays every people loves to cook, so we create the event to give more knowledge to the audience and came from celebrity chef such as Chef Marinka. She also added “Padma Hotel Bandung known with a spectacular hill view, so we thought that the concept of this cooking demo represent by Chef Marinka will make everyone interest and get to know more about our hotel”.

Padma Hotel Bandung itself will continue to have upcoming event in the nearest future, hence you can access the update by visiting our website at www.padmahotelbandung.com

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