Le Gran Café At Hotel Gran Mahakam

Le Gran Cafe Gran Mahakam

Le Gran Café is now open with some sort of classic modern look to pamper its customers. Touch of gold, precious Onyx stones for wall lamp and decorative, flawless blend between wood parquet and marble flooring are the main elements of the new Le Gran Café. Open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 10.30 p.m., our professional Chefs will prepare a wide selections of menu from superb International Buffet to time-honored Indonesian Cuisines, everything will be catered to delights our valued customers.

Le Gran Cafe Mahakam Kue Ape nasi Daun

As a starter, Le Gran Café will serve Corn Glass Noodle with Shrimp Salad and Soto Mie Mahakam to awaken one’s appetite. For main course, we serve selections of traditional Indonesian Cuisines like Nasi Bali as our signature menu at Le Gran Cafe. Another creation that is pleasing to the eye and the palate is Nasi Campur Mahakam. One of the prominent characteristics of Indonesian culture which consist of white plain rice served with Beef Satay, Chicken, Sautéed Papaya Leaves, Mackerel Fish and Tofu Crackers, Potato Julienne with Baby Salted Fish with Sambal Cabe Rawit and Sambal Terasi – Indonesian popular chili based sauce. This invented recipe includes many spices such as ginger, turmeric, pepper, nutmeg, shallot, and more, resulting in some very powerful flavors. All that spice left a needing something cool to drink, like Mahakam Beauty. It is made from interesting combination of mango juice, peach, lychee and lime juice. It is fresh and addicting to the last sip.

For you dessert lover, our innovative Chef recently prepared Es Lobi-Lobi served in a bowl of ice carving, Raspberry Sorbet, Pancong Kopyor and our signature Chocolate Melted  that will indulge your lunch or dinner with sugary temptation in every single bite.

GRan Cafe Mahakam Pancong Kopyor Soto Padang

Hotel Gran Mahakam

Jalan Mahakam I no. 6, Blok M, Jakarta 12130

Tel: (62 – 21) – 720 99 66 | Fax: (62 – 21) – 725 20 11

E-mail : [email protected], [email protected],  [email protected]

Website : www.granmahakam.com

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