We are very happy to welcome you all to our place, as you are very special to us. At Kupu Kupu, you will be immersed into the traditional heritage of massage and pampering that is truly Indonesian. You will be treated as our very important guest and indulged, so that you forget about all the stresses of residing in the big and colorful city that we live in. With our professional therapists as well as beauticians, we will cater to all your whims with treatments such as, a Traditional, Swedish, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu Massage, Lulur Scrubs or just simply having a Cream bath, Hand/Foot treatment, Reflexology or a Manicure – Pedicure. We use only the finest ingredients from rich Indonesian herbs.

You have various choices of aromas of oils, lulur and bath-herbs, such as Aloe-Vera, Green Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Chocolate and many more.



  • Kupu Kupu De-Aging Tropical Sensation

Link : http://www.eazyspadeals.com/store/body/kupu-kupu-de-aging-tropical-sensation/

  • Kupu Kupu Jetlag Eliminator

Link : http://www.eazyspadeals.com/store/body/kupu-kupu-jetlag-eliminator/

  • Pomegranate and Fig Body Scrub (By Cuccio )

Link : http://www.eazyspadeals.com/store/body/pomegranate-fig-body-scrub-cuccio/

  • Milk and Honey Body Scrub ( By Cuccio )

Link : http://www.eazyspadeals.com/store/body/milk-honey-body-scrub-cuccio/

  • Traditional Body Scrub

Link : http://www.eazyspadeals.com/store/body/traditional-body-scrub/

  • Four Hand Massage

Link : http://www.eazyspadeals.com/store/body/four-hand-massage-2/

  • Hot Stone

Link : http://www.eazyspadeals.com/store/body/hot-stone-3/

  • Shiatsu

Link : http://www.eazyspadeals.com/store/body/shiatsu-3/

  • Traditional Massage

Link : http://www.eazyspadeals.com/store/body/traditional-massage-60-2/

  • V-Spa

Link : http://www.eazyspadeals.com/store/body/v-spa/

  • Bikini Waxing

Link : http://www.eazyspadeals.com/store/body/bikini-waxing-2/

  • Golden Caviar Facial

Link : http://www.eazyspadeals.com/store/face/golden-caviar-facial/

  • Royal Aquamarine Facial

Link : http://www.eazyspadeals.com/store/face/royal-aquamarine-facial/

  • Spa Pedicure

Link : http://www.eazyspadeals.com/store/nail/spa-pedicure-4/

  • Spa Manicure

Link : http://www.eazyspadeals.com/store/nail/spa-manicure-5/

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