KIN Bulgarian Yogurt Shares Secret to Staying Young

A healthy lifestyle has become a trend in Indonesia, especially for the millennial generation. They believe that through a healthy lifestyle, they will have a better quality of life and live longer. One of many ways to achieve that is by adding yogurt to the daily diet. Why? Because Yogurt is a great nutrient source and proven to be healthy for digestion. With a different application, Yogurt can be good for skin as well.

PT ABC Kogen Dairy contributed to the healthy lifestyle by launching its new product in Indonesia, KIN Bulgarian Yogurt. This will be the first time that Bulgarian yogurt drink is available in Indonesia. That is a good news because Bulgarian Yogurt has some spectacular benefits for health.

KIN Bulgarian Yogurt
KIN Bulgarian Yogurt

Bulgarian Yogurt is one of the secrets to living younger. In Bulgaria, the yogurt is consumed daily, in almost every meal from breakfast to dinner. The result, Bulgaria has become the country where the number of people who aged 100 years and above is the highest in the world. There are of course other aspects contributing to this exceptional achievement, such as clean environment and stressfree lifestyle.

“For hundreds of years, yogurt has become the Bulgarian’s daily meal because of its health benefit. Dr. Ilya Mechnikov, a Nobel winner, has even dedicated her career to prove the effectiveness of Yogurt and its relation to the high number of Bulgarian People who live for more than 100 years,” explained Anton Budiharjo, KIN Marketing Manager.

What makes it different than other yogurt lies in the fermented bacteria. The Lactobacillus Bulgarius is originated from Bulgaria and proven to be superior in anti-aging effectiveness in Europe.

KIN Bulgarian Yogurt product launching
KIN Bulgarian Yogurt product launching

KIN Bulgarian Yogurt is created using the same bacteria, with fresh milk from KIN’s farms in order to produce a high-quality product. Another good news, the process do not use any preservative. The sweet and yummy drink comes in three flavors; Original, Orange, and Strawberry.

Nadine Chandrawinata who has consumed KIN also shared her tips, “The people of Rhodope in Bulgaria look much younger than their age. They said the secret is to live simply without stress, breath fresh air, eat healthily, and consuming Bulgarian yogurt every day. Now the recipe can be found in KIN Bulgarian yogurt.”

Now everyone can join the healthy lifestyle through the campaign KIN #The Secret To Living Younger.

For more information about KIN Yogurt, visit their website here or follow their Instagram @kindairyid.

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