JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta Holds Cake Mixing Ceremony

Welcoming the year-end festive season, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta holds a cake mixing ceremony, a rich tradition to strengthen the family bonds. The ceremony involves a crowd of people to make the perfect Christmas Fruitcake mixture together on a long table.

JW Marriott cake mixing

JW Marriott cake mixing 1“Cake mixing is originally an old tradition which involves the whole family and customarily carried out as gesture of family bonding,” explained Vikas Malik, Hotel Manager of JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta.

JW Marriott cake mixing 3A total of 100 kilos colorful ingredients; fruits, raisins, glazed red cherries, orange peel, dates, nuts and spices were mixed together with variety of liquours. The final mixture will be kept for around eight weeks and left fermented until just before Christmas time. Closer to Christmas time, guests will be able to enjoy the sweet and sticky fruit cakes along with other delectable cakes and puddings.

JW Marriott Christmas

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