JW Marriott Appoints New Executive Chinese Chef, Ken Choy Chong Hung


JW Marriott’s Pearl, is famous for its wide repertoire of cantonese dishes that are both exquisite and authentic. After years of John Chu’s lead, JW Marriott recently appointed a new Executive Chef for its chinese kitchen, Chef Ken Choy Chong Hung.

Chef Ken Choy has  over 25 years of culinary experience in establishments that include a world-class hotel and resort and 15 years in kitchen management in Malaysia, his home country Malaysia, Australia, Russia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

His expertise is in a more modern yet still authentic Cantonese Cuisine, and also Szechuan Cuisine. The difference? The chef pointed out that Cantonese cuisine comes from Guangdong province is one of the Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese cuisine, and very famous worldwide due to the number of Chinese emigrants from the area, and also for its versatility. Most likely when non-chinese speak of Chinese cuisine, than you’re talking about Cantonese food.

With years of experience in the Chinese kitchen, Chef Ken Choy uttered his excitement to bring fresh air to Pearl, “The restaurant has an established position in Jakarta’s, but I want to try bring something new to our loyal clienteles, incorporate the current trends.”

Chef Ken likes to introduce just a hint of non-traditional ingredients  to his Chinese menu alongside his more strictly traditional ones. Like his Deep Fried Grouper with Foei Gras sauce, But you will also find the traditional Abalone claypot dish, with all the premium ingredients like abalone, bird’s nest, scallops, goji berries, pictured below. abalone_claypot_pearl_resto fried_grouper_pearl_restaurant

To try Chef Ken’s specialties yourself, visit Pearl at the JW Marriott,  and for reservations, call (021) 5798 8888.

Pearl Chinese Restaurant
JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta – Lobby Level
Jl. DR. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung, Kav. E 1.2 No. 1&2 Kawasan mega kuningan Jakarta 12950, Indonesia

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