Job hopping is not good for your career

Job hopping was considered career suicide. What is actually job hopping? It is considered job hopping if one does not stay in one company less than two years. They move between jobs every one to two years and have done it multiple times. Employers are afraid that these types of job hopper will ruin their economy. They’ll fear you’ll leave at the first sign of trouble


It is usually expensive to recruit, court and hire new employee. This is also from the viewpoint of employee. By job hopping, the employee will give a bad impression to the employer.

Kanako Nakamura’s presentation at University of Queensland event at DoubleTree Hotel, Jakarta, at 18 May 2015, present this fact. As a researcher at JAC Recruitment she delivers “Planning your career path” and “Job market reality of Indonesia 2015”. Kanako explains about recruiting trends in Indonesia and salary trends.

What is the difference between a 42 year old managers who earns IDR 36 million/month and another manager who is 39 years old and earns IDR 90 million? Not just the age and income gap, but there is something that can make the gap so wide. What is that?


For example, manager A, who is 42 years old always keep changing his job every one or two years, while manager B who is 39 years old seems to be steady in each job, He lasted minimum three years for each job. It means, don’t job hops. What are other tips? Kanako says that stay in the same position for at least three years will show some consistency. After that, try to be promoted within the company.

Choose the company that has clear internal career paths. This is important since it takes more than just salary to achieve a good career. Do what you love, but more importantly, love what you do. In that seminar, Kanako also shares about some recent data on Indonesia’s workforce.

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