4 Highlighted Performers of Salihara’s Cutting-Edge Jazz Event, Jazz Sans Frontiéres III

This year, Salihara’s jazz music community, Jazz Buzz is back with its yearly jazz event, Jazz Sans Frontiéres. Inviting crossed-generation jazz musicians in Indonesia to step outside the box of the conventional jazz music. Those musicians will introduce and showcase cutting-edge jazz music which is rarely be seen in mainstream jazz stage or performance.

There will be four main performers:

Trio Ligro

DVaiIlwX4AEaecj_A power trio with Agam (guitar), Adi Darmawan (bass), and Gusti Hendy (drum) as its members. This group is strongly inspired by a group Mahavishnu Orchestra and composer Olivier Messiaen. Their latest album contains freestyle jazz music with a wild improvisation.

Dewa Budjana


An acclaimed guitarist in Indonesia and part of a longtime band, GIGI. He already released dozens of solo albums and four of them is distributed internationally under the label MoonJune Records in New York.

Mirak Div

DVah7gpW4AEp_xK_A collaboration band formed by John Navid and Adra Karim. John is a drummer for local indie band, White Shoes and the Couples Company and Adra is a pianist of fusion jazz band, Tomorrow People Ensemble. Adra is also a music lecturer at Musik Daya Indonesia in Jakarta.


DVaiCOJWsAABWwp_A progressive-rock jazz formed on 2014 inspired by the music of video games and classics, like J.S. Bach, Gustav Holst, Igor Stravinsky dan Claude Debussy. The members are Biondi Noya (electric guitar), Irene Pattinaya (keyboard), Nadya Romanenta (saxophone alto, flute), Aprila Sitompul (bass), Peter Lumingkewas (drum).

Jazz Sans Frontiéres III schedule:

Trio Ligro: Saturday, 17th February 2018, 20:00 WIB

Dewa Budjana: Sunday, 18th February 2018, 20:00 WIB

Mirak Div: Saturday, 24th February 2018, 20:00 WIB

Trodon: Sunday, 25th February 2018, 20:00 WIB

More info: www.salihara.org

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