A List of Jakarta’s Top Chefs

One key definition of a great city is the diversity and quality of its restaurants. In recent years, Jakarta’s dining scene has seen a surge both in quantity and quality, thanks to a flock of talented chefs. Let’s get to know some of the best chefs in Jakarta:

1. Gilles Marx (Amuz) 

Chef Gilles Marx AMUZ

Born in a family fond of cooking, Gilles Marx already loved French culinary world since childhood. His home kitchen at Miestesheim, Northern France, was the witness of his early pace in the culinary world.

His course of a career spanned from the age of 17, when he worked at the restaurant La Poele d’Or, which holds one Michelin Star. He was moving in an increasingly unstoppable pace by continually working at Michelin-starred restaurants, such as Le Paris Restaurant, Chef Pierre Orsi, Le Cote St Jacques, and Le Taillevant.

He came to Indonesia in 1998 and became the Executive Chef in a restaurant at a hotel in Jakarta. He grew to be well known in both Indonesia and International culinary world; evident from the numerous awards he has received. Gilles is one of the best chefs the nation owns, who is also a media personality.

Now a chef founder of renowned fine dining restaurant in Jakarta, Amuz, Gilles increasingly cemented its foothold in the culinary realm. He continuously creates various inspirations and innovations in Amuz’s menu. In the hands of Gilles, Amuz becomes one of the top fine dining restaurants.

2. Rolf Knecht (Grand Hyatt) 


Chef Knecht started taking the lead in Grand Hyatt’s kitchen brigade in 2012. Previous to that, this Swiss-born chef has more than 19 years of culinary experience under his belt, with most of it spent in 5 star establishments around Europe, Canada, and the last 10 leading Hyatt chefs in several countries including Fukuoka, and Shanghai.

Chef Knecht started his career with Hyatt in July 2006, as Executive Sous Chef in Grand Hyatt Shanghai. In September 2009, Chef Knecht was promoted as Executive Chef of the 5 star hotel, this time in Fukuoka Japan. Chef Knecht even had an experience catering the queen Elizabeth II hosted by the Prime Minister of Alberta in Canada.

In his current position in Jakarta’s Grand Hyatt, Chef Knecht is responsible of the entire hotel’s restaurants, room service, and special banquet and event’s kitchen.

3. Sezai Zorlu (Turkuaz) 

sezai zorlu

Chef Sezai Zorlu, Head Chef and owner of Turkuaz – Authentic Turkish Kitchen, has a long and distinguished journey in culinary world, also known as the ambassador of Turkish cuisine in Indonesia since 1999.

The love for food he earned from his mother and grandmother allowed him to learn cooking in every aspect and decided cooking as profession.Coming from a small town called Iskenderun, South East of Turkey and surrounded by fine food his entire life has made his love to food grown stronger since early age.

His philosophy in cooking is to let the ingredients do their job and to respect to the ingredients that at the end creates a character to the food. “You cannot disrespect and play with the process because this is how it is supposed to be done, if you play with the process then you are not going to end up with the same result”, Chef Sezai said in an interview.

Chef Sezai is also eager to introduce the authentic Turkish cuisines from the Ottoman times where he is also specializing in. Authentic Turkish cuisines are well regarded as the world’s great cuisines during the Ottoman Empire between 1453 – 1909 that Turkish cuisines had its greatest influence and spread to Eastern Europe and Middle East.

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