Jakarta Update: Anti-Ahok ‘Peace’ Rally Turned Violent on Friday

After being conducted in a considerably peaceful manner for almost a whole day until around 6 pm, involving around 150,000 hardline muslim protesters from Jakarta and other cities that demanded the arrest of the Governor Basuki ‘Ahok’ Tjahaja Purnama, the streets of Jakarta finally erupted into violence on Friday night leaving multiple people injured as police clashed with the demonstrators.

Violence involving unidentified groups of protesters broke out in Penjaringan, North Jakarta, in an apparent spillover from the clash between protesters and police in front of the State Palace in Central Jakarta on Friday evening. Hundreds of people vandalized a minimart and motorcycles in the area next to the Ahok’s residential area, at around 6 p.m, the Jakarta Post reports.

At least three cars were set alight in the chaos, while several members of the media were targeted by demonstrators earlier, with some shouting at them that they are “provocateurs.”

The rally, if you hadn’t been in the loop, was initiated and spearheaded by the militant Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), to demand the resignation and also prosecution of Ahok following a viral video that allegedly showing him insulting the Koran, despite the governor’s official apology and clarification that he never meant to insult anyone or any religion.


The condition in front of the State Palace and Constitutional Court has calmed, while large amounts of trash, bottles and various pieces of debris are scattered around the area.

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