Jakarta New Dining: Putu Made

Balinese cuisine, despite its distinct flavors and discerning fans, hasn’t really got the attention it deserves in Jakarta. With this in mind, renowned restaurant operator, Boga Group, that’s responsible for 11 F&B brands including Bakerzin, Pepper Lunch, Paradise Dynasty, Kintan Buffet, is opening its first Balinese restaurant Putu Made, in Senayan City 5th floor.

Opening this December 2017, Putu Made is going to be the place to watch. To bring an authentic Balinese taste wrapped in a contemporary flair Putu Made asked one of Indonesia’s, and Bali’s most renowned chef, Mandif Warokka who’s made his mark with Teatro Gastroteque and BLANCO par Mandif, to create their menu.

putu made_balinese food in jakarta1The authenticity of the cuisine is reflected by the liberal use of Balinese basic spice paste, the mother sauce, called basa genep or basa gede, a balanced mix of galangal, turmeric, ginger, and aromatic ginger (kencur). Not like in Sumatra or Javanese cuisine that alternates between the use of white, red, or yellow paste as the base, the Balinese uses basa genep almost in all of their cooking.

From popular items like Bebek Betutu, slow roasted whole duck wrapped in rich betutu spice and palm tree leaf base, served either whole for the whole party or as part of the classic nasi campur, to six types of both sate lilit and meat satays, and the different kinds of Balinese tossed vegetable, also known as lawar, and the Jimbaran style grilled seafood served with the iconic sambal bongkot (or sambal matah), or the ultimate choice for the hard to decide: nasi campur. there’s a lot for you to try!

putu made_balinese food in jakarta_4

putu made_balinese food in jakarta_3

putu made_balinese food in jakarta_2You can also try the more traditional and hard to find dishes such as jukut undis, beef and black beans soup in black bumbu pangi, tum be siap (steamed chicken wrapped in banana leaf), and be siap pelalah (shredded chicken).

The price tags really varies; A plate of nasi campur, with multiple proteins and vegetable starts from Rp, 75,000 while veggie dishes start from Rp. 30,000. Their poultry items are all upwards of Rp. 100,000, while the seafood items, grilled to order, are their priciest in the menu: ranging from Rp. 150,000 to Rp. 650,000 for a serving of lobster.

Putu Made opens this December 2017.

Putu Made
Senayan City, 5th Floor
Instagram : @helloputumade

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