Jakarta New Dining: Kokoro Tokyo Maze Soba

As one of Asians’ main staple food, we can’t seem to get enough of any kind of noodles ever invented. Especially in Jakarta in the past couple of years, we have been seen more and more options of noodle houses from all over Asia world, especially Japan. Most Japanese franchise stores would only focus on one type of dish only, such as ramen, udon, soba, or even the newest trend: a little mix of both.



Hailing straight from Tokyo, Kokoro Tokyo Maze-Soba is the newest noodle shop in the city. And if you’re familiar with the buckwheat based soba, Tokyo Maze Soba actually uses regular wheat flour dough to make their noodles. But instead serving it with soup, Kokoro serves their noodles dry, but with a bountiful of toppings to mix your noodle with.

Their signature, the Tokyo Maze Soba has a mix of Taiwan style mince meat, red pepper, fresh garlic, minced spring onions and chives, dried fish powder, nori, and egg yolk on top. This is the classic, but if you want to go a little bit extra, then you have to try the Zenbu Nose Maze Soba, that has an added topping of grilled chicken (or pork), pickled bamboo shoots, and ramen style boiled egg.



When your bowl of noodle is served on the table and after you’re done marveling at the abundance of the toppings, it is recommended that you mix your noodles within 2 minutes for the perfect maze soba experience.

I have to tell you, a bowl of Maze Soba, is not for the dainty eater. It is a lot of food!

For the grand finale, Kokoro has its own way to brag about their amount of toppings. After you’re done with the noodles, they let you ‘top up’ your carbs by shouting ‘Oimeshiii!’ to get a spoonful of freshly steamed white rice to mix with your remaining sauce and toppings. It is the perfect final touch to slurp on that goodness and polish your bowl clean, literally!

Drop by to Kokoro’s outlets in Gandaria City, LG Floor (next to Wendy’s), and Grand Indonesia.

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