14 Things We Love about Jakarta

Whether you’re here for business or vacation, Jakarta is truly a city full of vigor, surprises and exciting things. It has even gained the reputation as one of the most underrated city in Asia, if not the world. We list things that can make you appreciate the sometimes demanding city a little bit more!

1. Great (street) food


Among the most popular street food in Jakarta are the world famous Nasi Goreng, Sate Ayam and Sate Kambing, and Bakso or boiled meatballs . There are also the Warteg or Warung Tegal, a Jakarta style ‘fast food’ which you can find on any roadside of Jakarta. Imagine a small stall with a display of pre-cooked homey food, which you point and add to your plate of nasi or rice, to be eaten together as a meal. These wartegs are mostly really cheap and good too. You do need to be very careful for their hygiene though, so be sure to ask around for the reputation before you go into one.

For a more light snack, do try the selection of Jakarta sweet cakes and snacks like Kue Ape, a Jakarta style pancake made from rice flour and coconut’s milk, or Kue Cubit, which translates as ‘Pinch Cake’ and the one thing that we think is closest to a western style pancake. These type of food are usually cooked in front of you so that’s a good thing if you want to be on the safe side!

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2. More shopping malls than you have the time for!


This probably doesn’t even need any more explanation; it is safe to say that there will be no shortage of malls for everyone in Jakarta for a while. Love them or hate them, there is no way of escaping it! With an array of malls or shopping centers encompassing those with the super chic and high end exclusive brand boutiques, to the elbow bumping flea market type malls, you name it, Jakarta has it. There is also the ITCs, which hosts hundreds of stores and stalls selling affordable products, ‘KW’ super (fake) branded fashion items, to pirated DVDs. Malls can be dreadful to visit on the weekend (especially on Satuday nights!), but you’re not in Jakarta until you’ve spent your whole day in one 🙂

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3. there’s a quick fix for everything


Your phone’s broken? Flat bike or motorcycle tire on the side of the road? Your freezer broke down or your AC isn’t as chilly? Chances are there is going to be a guy close by that can fix it. And the best part is, it is usually going to be cheap! Repair costs that can be astronomical in other countries can cost nothing in Jakarta, all you need to do is look for signs (which means you need to know a word or two of Indonesians) or online for services.

4. Great nightlife and party scene

Jakarta has some of the biggest party scenes in Southeast Asia with clubs like Immigrant, Blowfish, X2, and Dragonfly that regularly host international DJ acts, and parties that lists top names in dance music as its line up like DWP (Djakarta Warehouse Project).

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