It’s a food fight at The Food Fighters Melawai

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Food Fighters opened on August 2015. It is a conceptual food court in Blok M Square Melawai, Jakarta, whereby each tenant has been thoughtfully chosen to complement one another. There are 10 tenants. Tenants are called “Fighters” and their food specialty “Weapons”. The resident tenants have been chosen for their unique food offering, served with authenticity and passion. It is a “food fight” whereby the best brings out the best, and the customer is the ultimate winner.

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The décor of Food Fighters is playful and rustic. There are murals of pixelated characters, creating a concept that is 80’s gamers. This relates back to the name “Food Fighters”, as the “Fighter” tenants are players in the game. Some of our furniture’s are real vintage items from 1980s.


The Food Fighters motto is “Aku Kenyang, Kamu Kenyang, Semua Senang”. It is Food Fighters’ mission that everybody leaves “kenyang” dan “senang”.

Each tenant is encouraged to decorate their booths according to their concept. Food Fighters encourages individuality and creative expression.

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Food Fighters signature dessert is the Fighting Fish Kakigori. A common question is why the name “Food Fighters” and why the fighting fish. The fighting fish is the English term for “ikan cupang”. It is called a fighting fish, not because it fights a lot, but because it fights to survive. The fighting fish is originally found in rice paddies and sewages, where it endures extreme weather changes. As such, the fighting fish developed the ability to live in small spaces with minimal oxygen.

The fighting fish symbolizes strength, beauty, as well as individualism. No two fighting fish are the same. This is everything a Food Fighter should be. This is why we call our original signature dessert the Fighting Fish Kakigori – a symbol of beauty in strength. Hence, the name “Food Fighters” is meant to symbolize strength in survival as well as beauty and individualism.

The Fighting Fish Kakigori is IDR 35,000 nett. It is served in three variations: blue, green, red. It is a shaved ice sundae with a variety of grass jelly, fruit jelly and toppings. No real fish is served with the dessert. There are aquariums of fighting fish available for customers to borrow on the side.

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Food Fighters is open everyday from 10 AM to 10 PM. On Saturday, it is open until 12 PM.

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