Introducing AQUA Reflections New Looks

In 2018, AQUA Reflection is coming up with two new looks! The premium glass bottle is now decorated with full sleeve designs, which created by Sebastian Gunawan, a renowned Indonesian designer.

AQUAReflections_Botol_Sebastian GunawanFor Spring/Summer Collection that will be launched in March 2018, Gunawan uses a combination of warm colors to create a lively design, and a combination of cold colors to create an elegant one.  The designer took inspirations from the beauty of trees and flowers, which can only grow in a healthy environment.

Going with the philosophy behind the design, AQUA Reflections also continues its ongoing campaign called ‘Reflections of You’, especially through fashion. The essence of the campaign is to invite the public to realize that their life choices are the reflection of themselves, including their hobby, enthusiasm, and education.

AQUA reflectionsWhat’s more, AQUA Reflections is not only going to launch a new design, but also a new fantastic product! AQUA Reflections will have its usual 380 ml bottle and the new addition 750 ml bottle for sharing. The innovation is created to cater the customers’ needs when dining together with friends and family.

Look forward to AQUA Reflections Spring/Summer Collection this March, as there will be a beautiful fashion show by Sebastian Gunawan accompanying the event!

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  1. Joan Dignam

    Can these bottles of water be sent or purchased in Australia. ? I’d like to get some ?
    I had a bottle in a restaurant in Lovina when I was there a few weeks ago

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