Intimate Afternoon Tea with GLOSKIN and Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place

To celebrate their 5th Anniversary, GLOSKIN in collaboration with BYS, F People, and Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place, invited guests and media to an intimate afternoon tea last Tuesday, 26 July 2017. The event also invited guest star Jane Shalimar and Nana Mirdad who have trusted GLOSKIN to enhance their natural beauty.

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GLOSKIN is designed by Nanang Masrani, a young talented doctor who dedicated his life to the aesthetic world. With a principal “Treatment you can trust”, GLOSKIN Aesthetic Clinic offers a treatment through a non-invasive procedure to create beautiful face and body. Safety and comfort are their priorities when handling a patient.

During the event, guests were able to see directly how Doctor Nanang treated Jane Shalimar with Hyaluronic Acid to reshape her face into perfection. Apparently the procedure was far from what many of us had imagine. Despite the needles on her face, she looked relaxed during the treatment. The result was instantly apparent as her jaw looks thinner and her cheekbones lifted. Doctor Nanang also gave her permission to do her activities as usual right after the 15 minutes’ treatments ended.


What is more, the patient can also apply make up right away, on the area that was not injected. BYS, a cosmetic brand from Australia, suggested a light shading and highlighting for the best natural look. After the GLOSKIN treatment and a simple touch up, Jane Shalimar definitely appeared more beautiful and fresher than before. The natural Hyaluronic acid can last around 8 to 12 months, depends on your activities and lifestyle.

At their modern aesthetic clinics, GLOSKIN also offers Nose 4D Thread-Lift, GLOSKIN chin, lip, and nose filler, GLOSKIN Nose Botox, GLOSKIN 3D & 4D Thread-Lift, GLOSKIN Jawline Shaping, GLOSKIN Chubby Cheek & Double Chin, GLOSKIN Advanced Dermal Filler, GLOSKIN Derma Spring Eye, Facial, and many more.


All treatments are using natural substances with the latest technology, which can create a beautiful face and body without painful operations and side effects. Of course, both women and men can enjoy these treatments.

You can find 13 GLOSKIN Clinics at Hang Lekir, Tebet, Bekasi, Serpong, Surabaya prime, Surabaya RMI, Malang, Gresik, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Bali, Mataram, and Makasar.

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