Indonesian Rupiah’s Sharp Strengthening and This Week’s Special Deals

Indonesian stocks and the rupiah continued to strengthen sharply on Tuesday morning on global relief after weak US jobs growth data were released last Friday, dimming chances of a Federal Reserve interest rate hike before the end of the year. For the first time in months, rupiah’s exchange rate finally shows remarkable rebound, as it appreciated 1.81 percent to IDR 14,241 per US dollar according to the Bloomberg Dollar Index on Tuesday. This increase is the highest in the Asian region and is the biggest appreciation since May 2012.

Despite pressure from the neighboring countries to take action on the haze crisis, the Indonesian government still insists on tackling the forest fires with its own resources and rejected assistance from other countries, such as one offered by Singapore. Indonesia’s chief of national disaster management Willem Rampangilei last week defended the country’s efforts to fight the fires that have blanketed Southeast Asia in choking haze, and said he believed rains would arrive within a month to finally douse the blazes.

In reply to a comment made by a speaker of the City Council (DPRD) that a draft bylaw on city tourism had stipulated that nightclubs would be ordered to close at midnight, the Jakarta administration has said it is unlikely that a draft will be passed limiting the operational hours of nightclubs to 12 a.m., as midnight was the hour most partygoers arrived at venues. “Jakarta is different from Bali, where nightclubs begin operating at 5 p.m. In Jakarta, most people arrive at home at 8 p.m. because of traffic jams. They go out at 10 p.m. How could we close them when visitors had just arrived?” said head of the Jakarta Tourism and Culture Agency ,Purba Hutapea, as reported by on Friday.

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1 comment

  1. Letter from our reader!
    Hi Deisy,
    You’re certainly good at picking controversial subjects. J
    The “Chief of Natural Disasters Management” is content to wait a month or two for rain on the basis of his “belief” rains will come? A poor choice of words I guess. It must be very comforting news for people all across Asia suffering from health problems and death caused by bush fire smoke from Indonesia? No doubt Indonesia has mounted a massive International aid program to assist their neighbours in need of health care due to smoke inhalation?
    What does the “Chief of Environmental Disasters” say? Or the “Chief of Forestry Destruction”? And how about the “Chief of the Future of our Children”? Or even the “Chief of Indonesian Contribution to Global Warming”? To say nothing of the “Chief of Health of the Indonesian People” and the “Chief of International Relations”? Can you report what they have all said?
    We’d also be interested in what the “Chief of Illegal Destruction of Rain Forest ” has to say.

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