Inaugural Exhibition of Jang Jang Joe “The Impressionist’s Journey”

Jang Jang Joe is an Indonesian born talented artist painter who is now an Australian citizen. One of his trademark is his efficient brush strokes that are full of colors, which remind you slightly to those of Vincent Van Gogh. His mature technique made his work full of beauty and able to leave deep emotional impression to viewers. Has been successfully won a place in fine art market and collectors, now Jang Jang Joe decided to return to Indonesia, which he stated always inspired him heavily.

kuvera_jang-jang-joe_2Under Kuvera Fine Art, Jang Jang Joe is having an Inaugural Exhibition “The Impressionist’s Journey” at Tugu Kuntskring Paleis, Menteng from 26 September – 12 October 2016. According to Jang, the exhibition will be able to show his figurative journey as a painter as he tried different mediums and technique before falling in love with oil paintings. At the same time, Jang will also show his journey to various interesting places around the world that recorded in his paintings.

kuvera_jang-jang-joe_3For Kuvera Fine Arts, the exhibition means a lot as Jang is their first under care artist. The art dealer and advisory acts as exclusive manager to fine art quality painters with distinctive style. Kuvera also offers paintings inventory database and unique authentication system to protect registered collectors and painters against forgery.

kuvera_jang-jang-joe_5Not only introducing Jang Jang Joe to Indonesia’s fine art world, the exhibition also aims to raise fund for the needy through Lions Club Jakarta Selatan Matteyya’s humanitarian program by successfully auctioning 2 of Jang’s painting in the opening night event. Through accomplished technique, Jang’s work is full of high aesthetic value and tremendous investment value for any collector.

This event is fully supported by: Kuvera Fine Art, Lions Club Jakarta Selatan Matteyya, Tugu Kuntskring Paleis, Epitome, Kain Warna, Expo-Sure, Lili Fauzia Diamond, ARF Auto, D’nkh Signature.

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