In The House of Toraja

Toraja coffee is one of the very well-known coffee variants in the world. Its unique and scarcity have made it one of the rarest coffee beans in the world that can cost consumers quite a lot. But Toraja coffee is also one of the very few coffee variants in the world that is safe to be consumed for those who have gastric problems, the coffee is not gassy and has a distinctive taste and smell that would make any serious coffee lovers happy.

Realizing the full potential of the archipelago coffee industry, modern coffee culture nowadays demands a faster service with highest possible efficiency and affordability, a measure which can now be applied to the industry after gaining worldwide popularity. As a traditional coffee that all Indonesians can be proud of, Toraja is often seen as a serious coffee-drinking experience and is ultimately prepared for those looking for an in-depth experience with their coffee-drinking lifestyle. Toraja Coffee House is one coffee house in Jakarta that offers authentic Toraja coffee experience. The brand has collaborated with independent farmers directly to assure quality and mutual interests of the brand and the farmer, as the brand itself has stated in their DNA “from tree to cup to give you the finest coffees in the world”. Toraja Coffee House uses only international standards bean that has been carefully filtered and selected.

For those willing to experience the true Toraja coffee, the coffee house offers anything from light dose of caffeine like Cappucino or straight on black. Toraja Coffee House also offers delicious cuisine that goes well for your coffee-drinking session. Try their delicious pamarassan (traditional Torajan dish), Dankot fried rice, Toraja Fried-flat noddle, and so much more.

Answering to the need for efficiency and quality, the coffee house an is all-in-one spot for you looking to drink a good cup of coffee and enjoy a hearty meal or two!


Toraja Coffee House

Jl. Casablanca 1B, Menteng Dalam

Jakarta Selatan





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