Jakarta New Dining: Hula-Hula Kemang’s Pink Flamingo, Ukulele, and Healthy Bowls

Visioning a tropical island in Kemang area, Hula – Hula is going with the flow with the emerging trend of a healthy lifestyle and finally opened its first store! But the twist is, high-quality ingredients are served in this place in rich flavor and affordable price dishes!

Hula_7Hula-Hula is trying to replace the boring and expensive notion of healthy lifestyle, into something more relaxing, fun, and friendly. It serves low calories black rice and oatmeal creations. A spoonful of black rice bran contains more antioxidants found in a spoonful of blueberries, but with much less sugar, and more fibers and vitamins. While oatmeal will help your body attain more fibers.

Hula_6The tropically themed interior is not less interesting despite the small size. With flat seating spots and cushions for ‘lesehan’, it will feel like you are away from the hectic stressful Jakarta. Don’t miss your chance to play the ukulele, take a lot of instagramable selfie in front of their pink flamingo mural and other color pops as well.


Hula_3The savory and sweet menu is only IDR 39k – 41k. Some the favorite savory menus are Black Tuna Tartar and Gyutan Black Rice Bowl. For the sweet tooth, Monkey Madness Oatmeal Fruit Bowl is recommended. Hula-Hula also serves creative drinks such as ice putu latte, a combination of black coffee, pandan, coconut sugar and soy milk!

Visit Hula-Hula for a short vacay and healthy intakes!

Jl. Kemang Timur Raya No.10

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