Hokkaido Authentic Cuisine at Fonzu Premium & Hokkaido Beer En

Fonzu Premium & Hokkaido Beer En is a Japanese restaurant serving authentic cuisine from the north part of Japan, Hokkaido, and specializing itself in Shabu-Shabu & Grill. The dining spot has become a favorite amongst Japanese expatriates, as it encourages guests to take pleasure in the most novel ritual in of Japanese manner.

The exterior of the restaurant invites its guest with a warm feeling of secluded, and the interior welcomes them with a combination of luxury and intimacy. There is a chic bar with brown stones that ready to serve wide selections of alcoholic drink as you entered the place. The wide interior is divided into different areas of dining, drinking, and private rooms.

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fonzu premium_7Wondering what can be so different about Fonzu compared to other Japanese restaurants, apparently here is the only place where you can find authentic cuisines from Hokkaido in town. This includes Tokachi Beef that will melt in your mouth after grilled, Hokkaido Giri Sirloin, and Shabu – Shabu with lamb meat! Now not many Japanese has even tried the thinly sliced lamb meat, so this will impress them as well.

fonzu premium_2Most of the meats are imported from Japan, and all sauces are homemade to ensure the quality. One of them is Ponzu sauce, a citrusy blend that ideal for the meat. On each table, a waiter will help to cook all the premium ingredients, and if lucky, Chef Moriya Hidetsugu will be there to serve you as well.

fonzu premium_13Besides a variety of meat and fresh vegetables, guests can also savor other Japanese favorite cuisines like sushi, sashimi, and ramen in Hokkaido Style. For ramen especially, Fonzu serves it cold as a salad! The cold ramen salad is unexpected but fresh and perfect as a side dish. Seafood lovers are also invited to the dining, as chef Hidetsugu has also prepared a hot stone soup with a thick broth of shrimps and clamps.

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fonzu premium_11All in all, Fonzu is an excellent place for people who want to dine together in a Japanese authenticity. Its strategic location on the ground floor of Wisma BNI 46, make it convenient for everyone to visit. To book a table at Fonzu Premium & Hokkaido Beer En, contact +6221 251 4722.

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