Hemant Chanrai: Brightening Lives of The Powerless

hemant chanrai

Hemant Chanrai first arrived in Indonesia back the in the early 90’s at the age of 4.  After graduating from Jakarta International School in 2005, he went abroad to pursue higher education and not until he completed his undergraduate degree in economics and a Master degree in International Business from the University of London, did he return to Jakarta, where he found of Azzura Solar, a solar power company specializing in off-grid technology.

During his time in Indonesia, he spent a lot of his time traveling around villages in Indonesia where he realized just how many communities live without adequate access to power. “Children were unable to read, write and study after dark and the lack of electricity was hampering social progress in rural areas,” Hemant recalled.

Hemant’s keen observation and love for the country he grew up in gave him inspiration to develop a company initiative called the Bright Future Program, aimed at raising money to install solar power lighting systems in underprivileged, rural communities living without access to power.

“I absolutely love Indonesia, and having lived here most of my life, I feel it’s correct to give back to a country that has given so much to me” he said, “and  that’s why I want to develop a company that is not only financially profitable, but also socially profitable that gives back to the community at large, with integrity at its core.”

Bright Future Program

The Bright Future Program started with an understanding that Indonesia’s electrical grid system is unable to reach a large percentage of the population, which results in many communities that are left in pitch darkness once the sun sets, resorting to either harmful petrol lamps, or inadequate battery-powered light bulbs that do not provide enough illumination.

The aptly named charity raise funds to provide solar power home systems, mainly solar lighting units, for underprivileged communities that have little to no access to electricity. “By providing these households with a sustainable clean solar power lighting system, we are able to provide a much needed light source to help improve the wellbeing of homes and families.” Hemant explained.


With more effective lighting, the program gives the chance to children in these homes to study, write and read after dark—something that was painstaking to do— without the use of dim lamps. Families, especially single mothers, will experience an enhanced sense of safety during the night, while communities will feel an overall increase in productivity.

A simple light bulb can change a life for the better, it can help a child earn higher marks, help a single mother create a friendly and safe environment, to raise her children and bring a community together.

 “We can do it, we can brighten their lives.”, he concluded.

To help Hemant bringing renewable power to the homes of many, donate through this link below. Even the smallest of proceeds mean the world! https://kitabisa.com/azzurasolar2016

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