Having fun at Casa Mexico, a Casual Mexican Dining in Town!

Casa Mexico provides affordable casual dining in town, with specialty of Mexican cuisine. Opened since November 2015, the restaurant has brought friends and family together for a fun dining and exciting menu. Live performance and special offers are available almost everyday!

When visiting Casa Mexico, here are some menu you should not miss:

Big Taco Salad

casa_mexico_big_taco_saladOne portion is enough appetizer for three people, but it depends on how much you love the smooth flavors combination of lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, jalapeno, salsa, cheese, ground beef, and pico the gallo! That, added with crispy taco makes every bite taste new and refreshing.

Chili Con Queso (La Tapas)

casa_mexico_cheese-dipAnother food to share, the cheesy dip is simple, easy to eat and playful. Do not worry running out of the dip as they are generous with the portion. The chili sauce is also not too hot and will warm your body. The menu is a perfect companion for your beer.

Apple Pie

casa_mexico_apple_pieTo complete your experience at Casa Mexico, remember to take a bite of this delicious homemade apple pie! The pie is accompanied with cold vanilla ice cream, whip cream, and cherry on top to balance the sourness of the apple. Again, the portion is big, with almost overflowing filling.

House Margarita (frozen)

casa_mexico_margaritaThe drink is perfect under a hot weather as it is cold, light, and refreshing. The classic is made of tequila, lemon, sugar, and triple sec, making the drink sweet and sour at the same time. You may choose three different varieties; frozen, shaken, or on the rocks!

Visit Casa Mexico with your closest people and have fun!


Rukan Permata Senayan Blok G No.11
Jl. Tentara Pelajar, Jakarta Selatan 12210

Phone: +62 21 57949449

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