Hanna Tjhin – Owner of Wilshire and Bottega Ristorante

This week, WNJ was lucky to get the chance to meet and interview Ms. Hanna Tjhin, a warm sophisticated Indonesian lady who owns and runs the Wilshire and Bottega Ristorante with her best friend Dolly.

WNJ: Ms. Hanna, can you give us a brief introduction about yourself?
Hanna: I am a very positive person and live in the moment. I appreciate life and pursue happiness.

WNJ: Tell us about your culinary business. I heard you have no culinary background, how did you manage it?
Hanna: Me and my partner Dolly used to stay in Los Angeles, California. We fell in love with the lifestyle and were fascinated by the melting pot culture. Therefore, we aimed to bring this back to Jakarta by introducing Wilshire and later Bottega Ristorante.
Although Dolly used to study culinary in Le Cordon Blu and even worked in a few Michelin stars restaurant, therefore I have nothing to worry about in terms of food. I mostly handle the drinks and operation aspect of the restaurant.

WNJ: Jakarta has so many restaurants that offer a variety food and atmosphere. Do you think your restaurants can compete with them?
Hanna: Yes. Our restaurants provides our guests a welcoming and cozy ambiance, a perfect setting to spend a long time in. Furthermore, our delicious cuisines using only the best ingredients to keep our customers coming back for more. We also have a very extensive wine and whiskey selection at a very competitive price. This all adds up to an overall dining experience.

WNJ: Besides doing the management, you also mix drinks in your restaurant, can you tell us more about this?
Hanna: Well, I love alcohol so I am actively involved in the making of Wilshire’s drinks. Therefore, I plan to take more mixologist classes to ensure that my customers will always have the best.

WNJ: Can you give some advice to the young professionals who are working on the same industry?
Answer: Believe in yourself and never give up.

WNJ: What do you do during the weekend?
Hanna: I love reading books, history, television shows and just spending time with my family and friends.

WNJ: Can you please explain to our readers what is the most difficult thing to do in this industry?
Hanna: Maintaining the same level of consistency in the food standard is the big thing in this industry, but with the support from all of our employees, I think we manage it well. The employee turn over ratio is also quite high in this industry.

WNJ: Is there anyone who really inspired you a lot especially in terms of culinary industry?
Hanna: My parents. They are the most hardworking, humble and happiest people I ever known.

The day was fun with the opportunity to visit a really cozy and comfortable restaurant, in the company of the restaurant’s owner: a young professional woman who happens to be very smart, warm and friendly. Thank you Hanna for a very pleasant interview, hopefully this article can inspire our readers and our best wishes for the success of Wilshire and Bottega Ristorante!

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