Guide To Halloween : 15 Scariest Movies

As All Hallow’s Eve slowly coming up on the 31st of October, we at What’s New Jakarta will be rolling series of articles related to Halloween in Jakarta, but we’re not only going to be discussing the coolest place to go, etc, but also other aspects of this famed American culture and holiday. Let’s kick off with something light; our curated selections of 10 scariest movies of all time!…..let’s get cracking then;


Director : Sam Raimi

The underground horror cult fans have major hard-on on this film that warrants an NC-17 rating when it was first released. There’s enough, gore, mayhem and supernatural twitch to mess with your mind.


Director : Hideo Nakata

The film basically kick-starts the Asian horror-esque generation that got Hollywood in a spun and has also influenced the whole world’s dynamics of a different take on the horror genre.


Director(s) : Eduardo Sanchez & Daniel Myrick

The found-footage genre is a visceral force in horror filmmaking, and there has never been a film more successful than The Blair Witch Project in playing with minimalism and a different approach to horror.


Director : James Wan

James Wan is a talented horror film-maker that has helped introduce the world brilliant series such as The Conjuring, Annabelle and a lot of spin-offs that centers on the modern take of Asian-American horror style filmmaking, and Insidious is the groundbreaking cinema that got it all started.

SHUTTER (2004)

Director(s) : Banjong Pisanthanakun & Parkpoom Wongpoom

Remains as one of the scariest Thailand horror films to date, Shutter has some proper scares that propel the Asian horror fandom to another level.


Director : William Friedkin

Highly regarded as ‘the scariest films of all time’, The Exorcist remains one of Hollywood’s most profitable horror movies that are not only scary but a fantastic thrill-ride.

IT (2017)

Director : Andres Muschietti

The horror master story-teller Stephen King gets the remake treatment it deserved! This movie could jump-start the whole killer clowns genre of horror.

SAW (2004)

Director : James Wan

Horror doesn’t always dabble with the supernatural, and this gut-wrenching mindfuck of a thriller should prove to be one of the genre’s most beautiful and disturbing achievement!


Director(s) : Rizal Mantovani & Jose Poernomo

Arguably Indonesia’s greatest horror achievement, Jelangkung is a tour-de-force of the supernatural world infused with a modern take on horror.


Director : David Robert Mitchell

A simple and effective horror that blends Halloween and Ringu. The movies have the power to terrify its audiences through slow motion and build-up sequence that is perfectly balanced with smart narration.

MAMA (2013)

Director : Guillermo Del Toro

Del Toro who is famous for its fantasy-themed films return to the big screen with this fresh take on the genre that blends fantasy, thriller and horror altogether.


Director : David Sandberg

A simple and effective horror movie that plays on the mind as it twists and turns on your screen, leaving you just downright disturbed with a rather subtle approach.


Director : Oren Peli

The found-footage genre found its way to your living room! A smart and compelling horror that reignites the genre’s interest on found-footage.


Director : Michael Haneke

Home invasion is an interesting horror topic, and none other have executed this horror style more beautiful than Michael Haneke’s “Funny Games”.

THE OMEN (1976)

Director : Richard Donner

The nihilistic tone of 70s horror movies reached its peak at this eerie tale of biblical prophecies that re-examines the number 666 on the modern culture.

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