Good Practice Clinic: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

The inception of Good Practice clinic was started from a simple idea of providing a professional yet warm and friendly clinic that provides not just quality, but also consistent health care. “When I first came here 6 years ago, I realized that the health care facilities and care fluctuate and they are often inconsistent”, Steven Graaff, a medical professional who came up with the idea of a comprehensive, despite small, family clinic in Bangka, Kemang.



The kids’ waiting area

Consistent, meaning you as a patient would see familiar faces; not only the same doctors, but also staff, nurses, analysts, and even the pharmacist who are always there every time you visit, and most importantly, that all medical staff have a clear knowledge of your entire medical background. It is one of the few clinics in Indonesia that uses an all-electronic medical record system, with their own server. This is the kind of place where everybody knows you by first name, from the time you step into the front door.

The observation room, where patients can stay for a few hours to be observed by the doctors

Nowadays, especially for Indonesian families, they always feel the need to go to a specialist. As if a certain ailment only concerns a particular area or body part. But the people of Good Practice believe that by following current clinical guidelines and providing a continuity of care, most health problems can be dealt with by a well-trained family physician.

This is a common form of practice in Europe or the UK, where family medicine is a specific specialization. And to provide similar care to families that are used this kind of health services, the Good Practice Clinic was started and it is staffed by a team of certified family physicians and registered Indonesian professionals who share the same idea. Patients from over 35 different nationalities have already found their way to this clinic.

Good Practice’s Consultation Room

Not only that, Steven Graaff also adds that a good family physician comes up with a solution together with the patient. “When a patient consults with us, we have a discussion, on what they think of as the cause, and probably even their idea of a solution, and we work together from there.”

The clinic is supported by a number of critical facilities that sets it apart from other similar-sized clinics, such as their on-site pharmacy that has its own separate license and an in-house pharmacist. Seemingly small detail, but in Indonesia, even the popular pharmacy rarely has this. Good Practice is also equipped with a comprehensive on-site laboratory (also holds a separate license) which equipment are all imported either from USA or Japan, that promises not only unprecedented accuracy, but also speed of results.

Another interesting feature is the Skype session that you can have with one of the clinic’s all English speaking doctors, from 4 to 5 pm everyday on weekdays.


The clinic is open from Monday to Friday: 8.00 am – 19.00 pm, and Saturday : 8.00 am – 13.00 pm, but with a premium membership that they offer, you can get 24/7 call assistance from the doctors.

For more information about the clinic, visit or Skype them: Good Practice Clinic.

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